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2018 - 1e International Virtual Circus Festival Awarded with the Gold Medal 2018 -  42e Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo (Monaco) Awarded with the Bronze Clown and the special circus friends award of Germany 2017 - 1st International Circus Festival of Bucarest (Rumania) Awarded whit the Silver star 2016 - 12th Festival Du Cirque De Namur Awarded whit the Silver Prix 2016 - European Youth Circus Festival Wiesbaden (Germany) - Gold Medal 2016 - 24e Festival International Du Cirque De Massy (France) Piste De Bronze and the special prix club du cirque 2015 - 4e New Generation Circus Festival Du Monte Carlo (Monaco) Silver Junior Clown - Special prize of the Kyiv of variety and circus arts (Ukraine) and the special Monte Carlo award 2014 - 7e Festival de Circo de Albacete (Spain) acrobat of bronze and special cirkus cirkus prize 2014 - 35e Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain (France) Medal of Bronze and Special Prize Moulin Rouge
M  F Michael Ferreri