Michael Ferreri winner of 2 very important awards,  in one of the most important circus festivals in the  world the awards are... 1 bronze medal and the special  prize of moulin rouge and all that being the younges  performer in the 2014 competition,  !!!! ONLY 17 YEARS OLD!!!! After a great success in (paris) Michael goes back in competition in spain,  and again he win's a acrobat of bronze and the specie cirkus cirkus prize, very very happy to be back in europe and surprise to get such a great succes... Back Index Getting Awarded whit a Silver Junior  Clown at the 4e New Generation  Festival in Monte Carlo is great, but to get the special Monte Carlo  award whit the signification of a  participation in the Monte Carlo festival is unique.             !!!!!!That means  see you soon            Monte Carlo!!!! 24e Festival International Du Cirque  De Massy   Again in competition in one of the  most famous circus  festival's in the world,  being again the  youngest  performer  in competition Michael  was Awarded whit the  Piste D' bronze and  the special prix club du cirque, European Youth Circus Festival Wiesbaden recognized as the best  youth circus festival in the world,  Happy to announce that Michael  was awarded  whit the 1st prize  The Gold Medal, 12th Festival Du Cirque De  Namur Awarded whit the  Silver Prix. Being the  younges performer  in the competition Happy  for this great succes in  Namur. Whith Award Silver 1st International Circus  Festival of Bucarest.  Awarded whit the Silver  star. On competition  against 43 Different act's  happy for this great sucess  performing for the first time  in Rumania.