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Michael Ferreri   World Record's
Most juggling catches in one minute 5 balls info:   390 catches whit 5 balls in one minute, Proud to reach one of my favorite world records, not only it has to do whit speed also a large endurance hard work pays off, happy to present this video.     
Date of Record: 10/10/2016
Other records
most juggling catches 6 balls overhead info: 171 catches After having the world record of 6 balls overhead 100 catches, Patrick Pettersson has beat my record doing 131 catches, in this video I pass the world record again doing 171 catches, Date of Record: 12/05/2016              >CLICK HERE VIDEO  
most catches 4 balls in one hand info: 127 catches Last world record whit 4 balls in one hand: 115 catches by Tom Whitfield in 2016, in this video you can see the new world record . Date of Record: 13/06/2016               >CLICK HERE VIDEO